Art by Jerilynne and Loren

Jerilynne Nibbe Monotypes

Monotype is a form of printmaking in which the image is applied to a plate with either oil or water based inks. The inked plate is placed on the press bed. Dampened paper is placed over the plate, and paper and plate are run through the press. The pressure transfers the ink to the dampened paper and produces a single image that cannot be repeated. Each print is one of a kind. Many of my monotypes include drawings that are added in a process called Chine collé. In the Chine collé process the drawings and other thin papers are dampened, powdered glue is sprinkled on the back, the pieces are placed glue side up on the plate, and printed as described above. View my How To Video. To see more of my monotypes, look at the recent Monoprint Gallery, Space Flight Gallery, Monoprint Gallery 2011, and Monotype Gallery 09. My latest work is a combination of woodcut and Chine collé: Woodcut Gallery 1 and Woodcut Gallery 2. It is a process that I began exploring after watching two YouTube videos by Ouida Touchon. Woodcut Chine Collé Part 1 and Part 2.


Red Franz clayprint