Art by Jerilynne and Loren

Loren Nibbe Clayprints

The clayprint monoprint is an innovative process created by Mitch Lyons in the 1960s and continually developed by him even today. The “plate” for the print is a leather hard slab of stoneware clay. The media is white slip mixed with house paint colorants and ceramic stains to produce a rainbow of colors. The colored clays in the form of slip, moist clay, and powdered chalks are applied to the slab using a full range of painterly, printmaking, and ceramic techniques. Once the image on the slab is complete, a slightly dampened sheet of Reemay interfacing canvas is carefully laid on the slab, and light pressure is applied with a pizza roller and spoons to "lift" a thin layer of colored clay from the surface. The colored clays bond to the interfacing to produce an archival monoprint. To see more of my clayprint monoprints, look at Loren's Recent Artwork, Townley Room Abstracts, Townley Room Masks, and Townley Room Subjects.

Red Franz clayprint